It's time for a change in news.

s0rce is a new way of displaying news information, meant to keep people up-to-date without requiring them to read the news every single day. Miss a week while focused on something else? No problem. Our structure is focused on long-term changes and information on important issues, not day-to-day minutiae or sensationalized non-issues.

In addition to concise information that is easy to navigate, we place great emphasis on facts and data. Many people - ourselves included - would like to make better informed decisions on political issues. They just don't have the time to do the research required. s0rce is intended to fill that gap.

Finally, its important for people have a voice and provide feedback concerning the news. Many news websites today either follow a traditional one-to-many format, where the news organization is the authority and readers can at most leave comments, or a platform/wiki format, where all content is user-created. s0rce attempts to find a middle ground, with powerful discussion and feedback options, but curated content written by our team. This allows us to leverage the strength of the community for error checking, research and fast updating, while maintaining the accuracy and quality expected of a news organization.

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