Who are we?

Alejandro Sanchez

Alejandro is a web designer/developer, political junkie and futurist. He has a liking for thai food and serious science fiction, and is perpetually disappointed by the quality of science fiction in any medium except books. 

As a co-founder of s0rce, he spends most of his time putting out brush fires and adding new features to the site before old ones are properly nailed down. 

Adrian Arizmendi

Adrian graduated from UC Davis with a History degree in 2009 and is a co-founder of s0rce. He is a news junkie, avid social networker and an oil painter. While he occasionally shows his works around Northern California, he mostly enjoys art openings for the free booze.

At s0rce, Adrian oversees business relations, operations, and has tasked himself with the endless task of pushing content. 

Follow him on twitter: @arizerg


Photography by Chris Rylee