About Adrian Arizmendi

Adrian graduated from UC Davis with a History degree in 2009 and is a co-founder of s0rce. He is a news junkie, avid social networker and an oil painter. While he occasionally shows his works around Northern California, he mostly enjoys art openings for the free booze.

At s0rce, Adrian oversees business relations, operations, and has tasked himself with the endless task of pushing content. 

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Photography by Chris Rylee 

Social Media Organizing and Kony

The Kony 2012 organizing campaign recently went viral, and it's bringing to light a trend. This blog post does not seek to analyze the merits of capturing Kony, or the allegations of the misrepresentation of the current Uganda situation; instead, it's a comment about social media organizing, millennials and generational differences. In the past, organizing activist has been about sustained engagement, instilling a sense of empowerment through collective action, and they are almost always fueled by passion (regardless of political affiliation). Until now, these models worked, and they continue to work, but they are starting to look a bit different.

A few weeks ago a study came out by Pew Research Center about the implications of hyper-connectivity with the millennial generation. It claimed that millennials "will exhibit a thirst for instant gratification and quick fixes...